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  • Christi Cousin

December 2020 Energy Report - Eclipse, Solstice and Christmas Star

It feels like so many humans (especially younger ones) have become so self-centered and show a distinct lack of self-awareness and lack of compassion for others. While watching a documentary about psychics (I think), they discussed a study performed on young people in which they measured empathy in the college students. It revealed that empathy has dropped about 40% in the past 20-30 years! ( That’s the real epidemic; however, karma will be much quicker than it has been for generations prior as you’ll see with the New Moon Eclipse that just passed. The Quickening has occurred and there is no time for karma to take lifetimes.

Total Solar Eclipse - December 14

I feel a massive shift happening right now. We just had a total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 14, where its maximum occurred in the 11th house of the Collective at 23°. The Sabian symbol for that degree is “Fortune: A Bluebird Standing at the Door of a House – To become happy, radiate goodwill – we get whatever we merit.” This is where karma shows up. This new Moon Eclipse also dredged up old emotional densities that we have not fully dealt with, so that we can finally become free of that baggage and ghosts of the past. This New Moon eclipse ushered in the first major shift in the Collective consciousness for December 2020, making way for the next big shift to happen at the solstice.

Humanity has reached an impasse – a shit or get off the pot scenario – regarding ascension and evolution. How could we as a species be so disconnected? Is it social media? Is it consumerism? Is it violence in video games and movies? Is it the ridiculously high inflation rates that are sending the newer generations into survival mode? What has caused this rift in the interconnectivity of society? I do not exactly know, but I do know that this imbalance cannot remain for long. It’s not sustainable.

As the great shift from a patriarchal society to a more equalitarian one that equally honors the masculine with the feminine energies that are currently rising upon us at the moment, comes the shift from egocentrism to a more altruistic, considerate, tolerant, and balanced society where the individual knows/acknowledges her/his worth and knows/acknowledges the worth of others. Those divisive and separatist type of thought processes circulating throughout the Collective are coming to an end.

Christmas Star - Jupiter Saturn Conjunction at Winter Solstice

On December 21 (Winter Solstice), Jupiter and Saturn will come together to form a great conjunction, known as the Christmas star, which has not occurred for almost 400 years ago. The Winter Solstice is a powerful time of year, which is why almost all religions and cultures have holidays and rituals around this time of year, but all of these celestial energies are making this year even more powerful!

I see Jupiter blasting open the rigid views of Saturn whose mind was already briefly opened during its new entry into the sign of Aquarius. This is happening in the 11th house of the Collection Consciousness at 0°29 Aquarius. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “Durability: An Old Adobe Mission - Standing up for our lifestyle deepens our character and inspires in us a faith that we belong.” We will be tested in the upcoming months. We must question our belief systems and align with what truly resonates with our hearts. We can no longer say, “Well that doesn’t affect me,” because now we are truly feeling the plight that our brothers and sisters (both humans, animals, plants, rivers, sky, nature, etc.) are going through – even the most privileged and sheltered people who’ve never known adversity will have no choice but to feel what others are going through. We are no longer living in individual bubbles. We are now swimming the same sea of energy without any barriers between us. Interconnectedness is the theme of this new era – a true Golden Era.

What is the best way to navigate this powerful and transformative process? Well, it’s quite simple. Be gentle with yourself and others. You would not get angry at a child for not understanding Quantum Physics, right? Think of humanity as a child who is learning emotional intelligence the hard way. It is also important to be gentle with yourself when you feel triggered. We are beings that were created to feel. It is no longer necessary to repress, suppress or deny that which naturally wants to be felt, acknowledged and to move through us. Most importantly, know that you chose to come to Earth at this time to experience this truly magnificent transformation and that everything will be okay.

These are times to rejoice. Cleary the old systems were not serving us. In fact, the old systems were killing us individually and collectively as a society. So cheers to the new energies coming in to create balance on beautiful Mother Earth at these unprecedented times, and lots of love to you all!

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